Behind The Good Nibbling

About Us

“When I think of nibbling, I always picture my son eating a biscuit. I love the way he savours it. This is how I describe good nibbling: simply and consciously enjoying a treat without any feeling of guilt.” – Véronique Molino-Guéguen, founder of The Good Nibbling

What is The Good Nibbling, "Le bon Grignotage"?

The philosophy behind The Good Nibbling is that food – buying it, preparing it and eating it – should be simple, joyful, and free of guilt. No matter your knowledge or experience in food and wine, it’s so easy to make a delicious, healthy and wholesome meal at home. All you have to do is start with really good ingredients.

The Good Nibbling puts a contemporary spin on a nostalgic approach to food, in which we buy fewer, better-quality ingredients. From staples such as pasta and rice to regional delicacies made according to centuries-old recipes, our imported products are all made with passion and integrity by small-scale purveyors.

The Good Nibbling is a curated collection of top-quality artisanal products from passionate, small-scale producers across Europe. Our hope is for you to browse these thoughtfully selected ingredients, bring them into your home through the convenience of online shopping, and rediscover the true pleasure of a simple home-cooked meal.

About Véronique Molino-Guéguen

The Good Nibbling founder Véronique Molino-Guéguen is an experienced professional sommelier. Originally from the beautiful French region of Brittany, Véronique moved to London in 2005. Her career includes notable sommelier posts at Michel Roux Jr.’s two-Michelin star Le Gavroche and the historic Michelin House with two-Michelin star chef Claude Bosi. Veronique also worked with legendary chef Pierre Koffman and his amazing wife Claire at the Berkeley Hotel.

Veronique’s professional experience and sophisticated palate as a sommelier, along with extensive personal connections in the world of gastronomy, make her uniquely qualified to seek out the finest culinary creations. However, it’s memories of the wholesome, uncomplicated home cooking of her childhood in France that equally inspire The Good Nibbling.